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Re: TS2000i and DBC Signal

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Ram may be your problem.  Though you may think that 256MB would
suffice, I was getting global memory errors and occassionally delays
such as you are describing when my system was at 256MB.  I upgraded to
500MB ram (very cheap even with the latest price hikes), and bought
MemTurbo on the advice of a helpful Omega Lister.  No problems ever

Some may say this is overkill, but I can only tell you what has worked
for me.  Best of luck.

--- "Bing C. Wong" <b.c.w@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I posted earlier about how TS2000i chart updating is behind my data
> provider during fast market conditions.   I've disabled 'Update Every
> Tick' on all my indicators which has improved, but I still find that
> it
> can still be behind.. ie.  that huge selloff this aft. on SP caused
> TS
> to fall behind a 2 full points.... very annoying.  I confirmed that
> it
> is NOT with eSignal being delayed
> I'm running TS2000i with eSignal DBC with Win2K, 500Mhz, 256MBRam,
> with
> a Cable Modem.
> Now I'm thinking it may be my CPU speed as the bottleneck.  IS anyone
> else running TS2000i with DBC Signal and is NOT experiencing this
> problem? And how fast is your CPU? How much Ram?
> Thanks much,
> Bing