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FUTR: End of Day Data, Bridge (Knight Ridder)

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There's been some discussion of reliability of EOD providers.  I
've had Bridge (formerly Knight Ridder) for 2 years now.

	I have found their downloading process to be very reliable.  I think
their server was down only once in the last 2 years.  They have an 800
number for accessing the data so you are not reliant on the internet.  I
almost always get on in the first attempt, which I usually do at 7-8:00
ET, but used to do earlier.  The downloading of all commodities,
options, volatilities, and a list of their news stories from the day
(about 90 pgs.)  takes about 2-3 minutes.  The distribution of commodity
data (not options) takes a couple of minutes.  (I currently only store
the raw option data, and don't distribute that.)  Unless they've added
it via a newer version of the data management program, there is no
facility for continuous contracts.  However, a nearest future file can
be maintained.  You can download up to two weeks of raw data if you
missed a day, but you cannot download historical data.  (They do have a
new website I think, I don't know what this has other than charts.)  The
data can be stored in a wide variety of formats.  If you use the
graphing program they supply or sell for $50, you must store the data in
their own format (which TS supports).  

	I really don't compare their prices with other sources.  Obvious errors
are rare.  In "normal" contracts these are repaired, usually the next
day, apparently by a line in the next day's file.  In less popular
contracts, (Midam, peso for ex. ) I've seen a couple errors not get

	Only total volume and OI is supplied, and that is put in the nearest
future file only.  The data includes the night sessions.  I don't
believe there are alternative symbols with only day data.

	When I was paying attention to it 6-12 months ago, the option data had
some problems with the price scale changing or the protocol for the
naming of the data file switching midstream, resulting in discontinuous
file(s) for one option.  Also some strike prices/exp. months were
missing.  When i renewed I was given 2 months free on the option data. 
They said they had programmers working on it.  Since I am not currently
using option data, I can't say if they've succeeded.

	I have had so little reason to contact tech. support, I can't really
comment on that!

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