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Mr. B. Strain,
    Thank you for your response.  
    (1) Data format:
> 	It is my understanding that you are trying to create a database
> of Japanese stocks that can be read by MetaStock.  I  will be happy to
> assist you with this task.  The MetaStock file format is widely used in
> many software programs.   
   My plan is two fold. One is to construct a personal database. I have
already done it for my own. Conversion and daily retrieval both OK,
using DownLoader. I can write on my future HP how I have done it.
   Two is to propose to Japanese OSL writers to use MetaStock(or other
   US standard) format for their database. Thus users would be able to
switch to US software or use both US and Japanese software.  Do you have
any difficulty of the copyright problem to my idea?  I had always this
plan in mind, because I am a Sunday programmer and I had been been
working for sometime as a sub-forum manager, responsible for software,
in the Stock-Forum of the PC-VAN(the biggest PC-Network in Japan) and
am aware of a chaotic situation of database of chart software.
   I am not yet sure if the version 6.5 format can be said to be widely
used standard. The old format may be called certainly a standard but
seems to me obsolete because MS itself departed from it. Is other
software (such as DowJohnes, Omega etc.) compatible with the 'new'
MetaStock format?
(2) MS Java Platform:
    I visited http://www.equis.com/java.  Marvelous!  Really I wish to
mount the same at my HP for Japanese stocks.
    The minimum access of 5000 a month required seems to me terrific but
if I ask other HP owners I know to link, this target may be not so
difficult to clear(I hope there is no penalty, though).  There is
bourdon of maintaining data even for at least typical 2 or 3 hundred
tickers(out of 2,100 shares listed at the Tokyo Market),every day. Maybe
index(maybe two indexes, NikkeiDow and TopixGive will be enough for a
start).  One more question: how big is the program(as disk-space)?

Jiro Kato (paruparo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)