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Hi everyone.  I just upgraded from 5.1 to 6.5, there are alot of
changes. I have had the systems and formulars from Nirvana on the 5.1
version and they came over no problem. Now... I also have the Pring
formulars, explorations etc. To use them I have to add....\pring to the
file line in tools, I know that, no problem.But, with pring "on"  the
systems, indicators etc from Nirvana are off. So how can I set up my
files to use ALL my indicaters,systems,explorations from the same file
line. Say, keep...\pring, out of my file line, yet still use pring
material. There must be some way I can use the 95 windows explorer and
move the files over, only I dont know how to do it. Any suggestions?
Thanks....Tom Rivet