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I am using OE/IE 4.01. I don't know how to automatically save attachments,
but when I click on the attachment icon, it gives me the option to open it
or to save it. Ctrl+clicking will display the save as dialog instantly.
There is also a checkbox for automatically open this kind of file, so it
seems to be associated with the kind of file (txt, zip, etc) and not with
the attachment. There is also a newsgroup on IE and OE.
(microsoft.public.inetexplorer.ie4(.outlookexpress)) Some VERY knowledgable
people are subscribed to those and will probably be able to give you an
answer. I can ask it for you if you like.

Best for the new year,
    Jan Diederik

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From: A.J. Maas <anthmaas@xxxxxx>
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Date: zondag 28 december 1997 23:31
Subject: Outlook Express/IE40

>Anyone using Outlook Express/IE40 as their email-program?
>If so, as in Eudora3x, how can I save attachements automatically
>to the hard-disk, in a specificaly choosen folder?
>Where, in Outlook Express, can I configure this?