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Conversion (was Re: Tech support #)

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Some time ago I asked why there wasn't a newsgroup for MS users. I think
newsgroups are better for our purpose. One of the things I like most is the
ability to follow (or don't follow) threads. When people reply to a message
(post) that reply is linked to the original so it is easier to understand
what the talk is about. Now when I check my Inbox, I look for the same
subjects and read them one after another. This is naturally arranged in a
Another nice thing is, that you download the headers first (is an option)
you can then select what threads you like to follow and THEN download the
whole message. This also solves the problem with picture attachments. The
ones who like the charts (like me) choose to download them, the ones who
don't leave the post on the server. This will save them lots of useless
downloading (if applicable).
And for the people who do like them they can still have them.

Ton: why do you think they are more direct?

Best for the new year,
    Jan Diederik

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From: A.J. Maas <anthmaas@xxxxxx>
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Date: zondag 28 december 1997 11:25
Subject: Re: Tech support #

>I've had a "power failure" with my ISP and must have missed you're quiry,
>if there is any news about the Users newsgroup can you please
>let me/the List know? I do think the List is better though, more direct.
>Thanks v.m.