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Re: Metastock and market depth?

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Close data only eliminates a vast majority of the indicators, I use. The
lack of time values would throw you for a loop. At 96 data points per day
with 5 min data, you would quickly get to year 2000. As you say "it is not
worth it. It is more of a novelty." But since the program seems to react to
dates like what to load, what to display, I can't picture what you would
get. I don't need it.

But the answer to our friend downunder remains, no it is a end of day
program not real time.

Richard Estes
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Date: Monday, December 22, 1997 12:31 AM
Subject: Re: Metastock and market depth?

>MS6.5 will handle any single link, like close or tick, etc. It will not
>handle open,high,low,close for a bar chart or candlesticks.
>Think of date or time as more of a place holder that is unimportant. If
>you OLE 5 minute close into MS you get a line that updates as long as
>Excel updates. Even though at the bottom of the original window you
>would have days. The OLE is independent and will be in 5 min intervals
>for this example.
>You can use any indicator that would use the close. Like Bollinger
>bands, etc.
>There is not much to show as far as a chart. It looks just like any
>other line that gets plotted in MS.
>I hope this answered your question. I have used this occasionally for
>charting. The only draw back is having to have Excel open and we all
>know that you starting opening too many applications and the computer
>will run out of memory. CRASH. I have a Pentium Laptop with 40 megs of
>ram. Also you can't use bars or candlesticks in RT so it is not worth
>it. It is more of a novelty.
>I will say though when Equis releases the MS RT version it should be
>pretty neat since the Expert Adviser can be used in RT as well.
>If a person just wants the analyze intraday data, they could import it
>through the downloader as well. Forget about the data in terms of
>usefulness make up a data and just remember it is in 1 minute intervals.
>You can compress it once it is in MS.
>Richard Estes wrote:
>> Can you? you mean I can take RT 5 minute  or tick data and put it in
>> and be able to use it? Do you have a chart you can show, I would like
>> to see
>> that. How does date function work?
>> Richard Estes
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>> From: Harley Meyer <meyer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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>> Date: Sunday, December 21, 1997 11:19 PM
>> Subject: Re: Metastock and market depth?
>> >If you have MS 6.5 and Microsoft Excel you can OLE link any type of
>> data
>> >into MS.
>> >Harley
>> >Pugsley, Craig wrote:
>> >
>> >> Hello Again,
>> >> Can someone please help me out with this question..
>> >>
>> >> >I am wondering if Metastock is capable of using market depth..
>> >> >i.e. each individual transaction during a day's trading at the
>> stock
>> >> >exchange,
>> >> >or is the "depth" limited to the volume of shares traded that day?
>> >> Thanks,
>> >> Craig.
>> >
>> >
>> >