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Re: Metastock and market depth?

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MS6.5 will handle any single link, like close or tick, etc. It will not
handle open,high,low,close for a bar chart or candlesticks.
Think of date or time as more of a place holder that is unimportant. If
you OLE 5 minute close into MS you get a line that updates as long as
Excel updates. Even though at the bottom of the original window you
would have days. The OLE is independent and will be in 5 min intervals
for this example.
You can use any indicator that would use the close. Like Bollinger
bands, etc.
There is not much to show as far as a chart. It looks just like any
other line that gets plotted in MS.

I hope this answered your question. I have used this occasionally for
charting. The only draw back is having to have Excel open and we all
know that you starting opening too many applications and the computer
will run out of memory. CRASH. I have a Pentium Laptop with 40 megs of
ram. Also you can't use bars or candlesticks in RT so it is not worth
it. It is more of a novelty.

I will say though when Equis releases the MS RT version it should be
pretty neat since the Expert Adviser can be used in RT as well.

If a person just wants the analyze intraday data, they could import it
through the downloader as well. Forget about the data in terms of
usefulness make up a data and just remember it is in 1 minute intervals.
You can compress it once it is in MS.

Richard Estes wrote:

> Can you? you mean I can take RT 5 minute  or tick data and put it in
> and be able to use it? Do you have a chart you can show, I would like
> to see
> that. How does date function work?
> Richard Estes
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> Date: Sunday, December 21, 1997 11:19 PM
> Subject: Re: Metastock and market depth?
> >If you have MS 6.5 and Microsoft Excel you can OLE link any type of
> data
> >into MS.
> >Harley
> >Pugsley, Craig wrote:
> >
> >> Hello Again,
> >> Can someone please help me out with this question..
> >>
> >> >I am wondering if Metastock is capable of using market depth..
> >> >i.e. each individual transaction during a day's trading at the
> stock
> >> >exchange,
> >> >or is the "depth" limited to the volume of shares traded that day?
> >> Thanks,
> >> Craig.
> >
> >
> >