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How to get Rid of an Indicator (Re: System Test Symbols)

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Dear fellow Traders,
    this message is really more of a follow-up question than a response, but
as I thought it somehow belongs in the same category, here goes...

QUESTION: In a chart, how do I get rid of a single indicator that is not
visible on that chart?
    Case in Point: For stocks I have a standard template that includes a
200-day MA. If I open a young issue, eg. an option (that isn't 200 days old,
yet), before changing the template (it happens, you know), the MA doesn't
appear on the chart, of course, but IS shown in the Data Window i.e. as "not
    Anyone knows how I can get rid of such an indicator without removing them

Another, quite unrelated, question - maybe rather something for the Equis
WISH LIST: When doing system tests, they have to be optimized over different
time periods, and a final, non-optimizing test must be run over a
'control-period' as well.
If I'm not mistaken, in MetaStock this can only be accomplished if one
A: runs the exploration,
B: completely unloads the chart,
C: reloads it manually selecting another time period,
D: starts over at A again.
    This is cumbersome to say the least. Does anyone know of a better
solution, or should we appeal to Equis to implement better handling of this
issue in version 7?

Thank you for your answer/s & Happy Trading. Yours
Jan Willem Roberts