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Re: AIQ Software

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At 07:44 AM 12/15/97 , David D. Marcus wrote:
>Has anyone had any experience using AIQ's Trading Expert for Windows?  

David -

	I appreciate its ease of use, a fluidity when moving among (S&P 500, in my
case) Sectors, Groups and individual stocks, Reports and Lists.  It
incorporates both a hierarchy and flow in moving between, viewing, the a
for-mentioned and it does so in a visually, to me, appealing and
qualitative style.

	It would be nice if AIQ TradingExpert for Windows had MetaStock's
capability of entering one's own formulas and Explorations, but since it
does not and because it offers the smooth linking of different levels of
study not in MetaStock, I see the two as complimentary pieces within my
Technical Analysis toolbox.


-- Frank :-)

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