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Re: The Most Valuable Thing about Real Time Quotes...a Question...and the Market...

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On Sun, 14 Dec 1997 10:56:18 -0800 (PST), you wrote:

>You are absolutely right Christian - as with most things, the ZigZag
>indicator deserves a footnote because it's last leg is dynamic - I
>should have mentioned that in my original mail.  The technique will
>work with most, if not all, of the other indicators.
>If you really want to see the ZigZag change over time, you can - but
>it is kinda painful.  Here's how:
>1. Load up a chart
>2. Right click on the X-Axis and select "X-Axis Properties"
>3. Enter a range of dates (in the past) for both the "Display Dates"
>and "Load Data" dates.  Make sure the "Last Date" is at least a couple
>of months ago.
>4. Plot the ZigZag
>5. Right click on the X-Axis and select "X-Axis Properties"
>6. Move all of the dates up by one day.  (Painful I know ;-)
>7. Look the chart again.
>8. Repeat until you are sick of the ZigZag!

Ummm... I wonder if this is a feature that could be implemented in a
next release of MS?  Is ZigZag the only indicator with that property?
It would be nice when designing indicators, to test them visually that

-= Chris  =-