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Thought this might be of interest.

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<< HIGH ASIAN EXPOSURE: Now that the Wall Street mainstream considers the Asia
situation a major problem (even though many of our readers don't yet agree),
maybe the clearing out of some of the deadweight in tech may now truly get
underway. So, for those of you looking to short the *beep* out of stocks with
high exposure to Asia, here is a list of companies that derive a large
percentage of their revenues and operating profits from the region, as
published recently in Barron's. The list is in order of largest percentage of
revenues derived from Asia: Aflac (AFL) 84% (revenues), 91% (op. profits);
Applied Materials (AMAT) 53%, 57%; KLA-Tencor (KLAC) 57%, 61%; Ericsson
(ERICY) 45%, 49%; Gucci (GUC) 43%, 44%; Atmel Corp. (ATML) 41%, 41%; Union
Texas Petroleum (UTH) 40%; 56%; American Int'l Group (AIG) 38%, 38%; National
Semiconductor (NSM) 34%, 34%; Intel Corp. (INTC) 30%, 11%; Reading & Bates
(RB) 29%;, 30%; Ascend Communications (ASND) 28%, 28%; Motorola (MOT) 28%,
28%; Lattice Semiconductor (LSCC) 26%, 26%; Boeing (BA) 25%, 25%; LSI Logic
(LSI) 25%, 25%.