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There are support levels at 7800 and 7600 that need to be broken
before a triple-top formation would be complete.  7800 is being tested
now and I expect it will put up a fight on Monday.  If the Dow
continues down and closes below 7600, a triple top will have formed. 
The S&P has a similar look to it and would complete a triple top
formation with a close below 900 - after breaking through the 940
support level.

You can see all of this at http://coolhistory.com/ChipCharts on the
Market Indices page.

Do _I_ think this will happen?  Not before the end of the year. 
Things should rally next week after 5 straight down days, IMHO.

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---Rajesh <rajesh@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Guys and Gals,
> Are we looking at a triple top formation here ? My very simple
> indicators are still in the SELL mode.  Would like your opinion. Next
> stop 7550? (Fibonacci retracements).
> Rajesh

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