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Corn futures

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Anyone playing the  July  Corn Options?  As you know-- trend has been
Downwards. I bought the July 290 Puts @18 on 5 Nov. Since then, it has 
been side-straddle-hop, up and down, but mostly  down since then. However
, the  price dropped to 17-- 17.5.  Yesterday, with the market dropping,
the Put value didn't go up-- oh no, it went down. Today, with the  corn
OFF another 8 points, it finally increased to 18.5.  
At this rate, I'll have to see at  least another 20 point drop in order
to break even.  Crying the blues-- not really.  I should just cut  my
loss, and let the manipulators play their little games. No more options. 
Anyone else having similar experience?  T.C.