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Re: Indicators vs. Charts

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I sincerely hope that the previous messages you refer to encourages
rather than discourages new users from exploring the richness of
Metastock. I firmly believe that users should adopt a style that they
are comfortable with. I do not use chart patterns because I am more
familiar and more comfortable with indicators. This may reflect my
inexperience with chart patterns. However I avidly read all posts
regarding chart patterns and indicators and anything else to further my
TA experience. To do less would be a disservice to myself.

John Manasco

Chip Anderson wrote:
> I am troubled by recent posts on this list that imply that charts are
> superior to indicator analysis or vice-versa.  My strong belief is
> that _all_ aspects of TA can provide valuable pieces of information to
> those that are willing to look for them.  As you become familiar with
> the various techniques, you may choose to exclude certain types of
> analysis from your personal style and that's fine.  I am concerned
> though that some of the previous messages may prevent relative
> newcomers from thoroughly exploring the richness of MetaStock and
> thereby making their own informed choices.
> Chip
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