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Re: Database!?

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Hi Mike --

If you are refering to MIRAT, an overall market timing system, its 
publisher is Michael Burk.  You can reach him at (800) 325-1344.

I began following it in 1993 when writing a review of it for AAII's 
Computerized Investing.  The system has been profitable in real time 
since then.

The system needs end of day data, which comes either from Burk's bulletin 
board or from Wall Street Journal or Investor's Business Daily.

Howard Bandy

>does anyone in the group use the "miriat" software ?
>where can i purchase it ?
>are the signals profitable ?
>where do you get the data from ?

>i believe that you require "new high & new low" data from nyse as well.
>does anyone have this data available for the last 250days, & could they
>please e-mail me this info, it would be greatly appreciated.