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Re: Database!?

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Thanks for the respond!

I use the build-in function of the downloader to convert the text-file
Quote.com offers from all major US-stock exchanges end of day datas.
I convert every day end of day quotes for about 15000 stocks.
I have automated it with the little program "autorun for windows".
So this progrm works for me - OK.
The only thing is the difference between the volume database CD and the
text file volume...

Here is an example of the text file:


Volume is real not with an multiplikator e.g. of the Metastock database CD.

I think i should write a programm to convert at first the text-file volume
and than converting with the downloader to my database.
Any other possibilities??



PS: HI to Hong Kong!!!!

Martin Chiu wrote:

> Dear Juergen,
> How can you convert the raw text into metastock data file.  You use the
> built-in function in  downloader or other software?
> Martin from Hong Kong
> -----Original Message-----
> From: JUPU <jupu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: Metstock List <metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Saturday, December 06, 1997 12:03 AM
> Subject: Database!?
> >Hello all!
> >
> >I made my database with the metastock data CD the first time.....
> >End of day updates from quote.com - text converting to my metastock
> >database .
> >It works fine but the only thing is that the volumes are different.
> >Metastock data CD: one million is 10000(standart database) and in the
> >text file for my end of day quotes from quote.com it is 1000000.
> >
> >Could anybody help me?
> >
> >Thanks!!!
> >
> >Juergen from Austria
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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