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rising wedges

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I've added blue lines indicating the Rising Wedge patterns to my
charts for the Dow and S&P500.  http://coolhistory.com/ChipsCharts

On the airplane today I looked for these patterns in the past history
of the Dow and S&P500.  I was a fun exercise - I thought I spotted
several but without confirming volume (I used the NYSE volume), I'm
not sure how real they were.

I became very interested when I thought I saw one right before the
1987 crash and another one right before the Oct. mini-crash.  Upon
further study, I've decided that they formed too quickly for me to
have spotted at the time.  I urge anyone else who's interested to look
for the patterns themselves and let me know what you see.

Wired (sigh...) in Mebane, NC

---Tom Barry <tombarry@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Howdy ;
>    I wrote a few weeks ago relative to a possible H&S forming on the
> 500. Well, the Alert is now off. But, others have posted notes
> us to a possible ascending wedge. Also , much discussion on wedges.
>   Well, I reviewed Murphy and Arnold , BUT i dont see a wedge.
>   I think the confusion between interpretations lies in using
> start/close dates.
>    We Metastock users ought to be able to interpret the S&P 500 with
> uniformity among our group.
>    Here goes :
> 1) The SP500 has been in 4 up channels since 7/22/96.
>     * 7/22/96 -- 3/14/97  --- 30 deg.
>     * 4/11/97 -- Aug 10/97   52 deg
>     * Sept 1 -- Oct 8, 97 --- 48 deg
>     * Current channel --- Oct 25 --- ?   -- 49 deg 
>      ( Dates are approximate)
> 2) Also there is a Divergence between the SP500 and its RSI (14)
> 3) Where is the wedge ? I can see a triangle starting in early Oct .
> 4) What Next ? 
>    If positive , it will break thru the Major resistance line at 985.
>    If Negative , a possible triple top will have formed.
>   Hope this helps .
>                                                          Tom
<BASE HREF="file:///D|/BB/sp500tb.htm">



<title>HTML document for the World Wide Web</title>
<meta name="GENERATOR" content="MetaStock 6.0">

<h2 align=center>INDEXFAM S&P-500<br>
(SP-CP) </h2>
<p align=center><img src="sp500tb.jpg" align=bottom> </p>
<h3 align=center>Data for 12/04/97 </h3>
<div align=center><center>
<table border=1 ALIGN="CENTER">
<tr><td><table ALIGN="CENTER">
<tr><td><font FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000">Exp
Trend</font></font></td><td><font FACE="Arial"><font
color="#000000">Bullish</font></font> </td></tr><tr><td><font
FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000">SP-CP</font></font></td><td><font
FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000"></font></font>
</td></tr><tr><td><font FACE="Arial"><font
color="#000000">Open</font></font></td><td><font FACE="Arial"><font
color="#000000">N/A</font></font> </td></tr><tr><td><font
FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000">High</font></font></td><td><font
FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000">973.100</font></font>
</td></tr><tr><td><font FACE="Arial"><font
color="#000000">Low</font></font></td><td><font FACE="Arial"><font
color="#000000">973.100</font></font> </td></tr><tr><td><font
FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000">Close</font></font></td><td><font
FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000">973.100</font></font>
</td></tr><tr><td><font FACE="Arial"><font
color="#000000">Volume</font></font></td><td><font FACE="Arial"><font
color="#000000">637</font></font> </td></tr><tr><td><font
FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000">Open
Int.</font></font></td><td><font FACE="Arial"><font
color="#000000">N/A</font></font> </td></tr><tr><td><font
FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000">Price
Chg.</font></font></td><td><font FACE="Arial"><font
color="#000000">-3.67</font></font> </td></tr><tr><td><font
FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000">RSI</font></font></td><td><font
FACE="Arial"><font color="#000000">59.7175</font></font> </td></tr>


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