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low unemployment,bear market,correlation???

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On Wednesday, 12-3, I wrote:

I am in the market for an end of day data vendor.  I am using Dow Jones
News Retrieval Service now.  I have attempted to subscribe to Reuters Data
Trend Service, but find their people abusive and I have doubts concerning
the integrity of their personnel.  Usually, I have found that personnel's
attitudes reflect the company.  Can anyone suggest a data service they are
satisfied with?  <end>

I would like to thank all of the list participants that responded to the
above post.  The value of this type of list has certainly been reaffirmed. 
Since I voiced a problem on this list serve, it would only be proper to air
the result.  I immediately had an e-mail reply from an Equis person, and
before I could respond to his e-mail, I had a phone call from another Equis
representative.  I was asked to state the problem.  It was a valid problem:
Reuters had charged me with a month of service even though my Downloader
was missing the necessary files to access the service.  ( I had advised
Reuters of this within 5 working days of the service's beginning date.) 
Within 30 minutes, the Equis rep called back to state that I have now been
issued credit and was made "whole".  

While I have not altered my views about Reuters and their caliber of
personnel, I know that as long as Equis is involved, the customer is still
the reason for their being in business.  While the ownership may have
changed, the Equis integrity and customer service is still alive and well.

I will subscribe to RDT for my futures data, but I will do it thru Equis
and Equis personnel.  When I have a problem, I want to have trust in the
integriity of the people I do business with.  

To Kevin, and the Equis corporate culture that Mr. Steven Achelis created,

Al Taglavore