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Re: question for the group

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In the spirit of learning can some one send a .gif to show me what a
rising wedge is. Maybe a couple of .gifs to show a couple of examples. I
have heard this mentioned occasionally and still don't what what it is.
Same goes for some of the triangle analysis mentioned in the past.

Dr C. Roffey wrote:

> Be Careful. The DJIA and the S&P are both at the top of rising wedge
> patterns. If the S&P breaks below 950 ... watch out.
> The UK FT 100 is in the process of forming a right shoulder for a Head
> &
> Shoulders top. The Nikkei is nearly finished its technical rally. It
> may
> try to test 17500 but the next major move is downside.
> I am not a happy chappy with these markets.
> Regards
> Dr Clive Roffey