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Re: Dow Jones et al

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A couple questions:

-  Anyone else struck by the number of technical analysts who have been
bearish (including me, although I'm an amateur) and wrong recently on the US

-  I've been trying to determine what the technical indicators were recently
(since 10/27/97) that should have cautioned me on my bearishness.  (I'm
putting aside the issue of "long-term" vs. "short-term" here.  The fact is,
I was/am very impressed by some massive tops and yet missed a 10% up move in
the indices.)  What should I have noticed?  Here's what I have so far:

   -   A simple 5,3 Stochastics on the weekly index charts would have been
one caution around 11/1.
   -   A weekly default parameter MACD signaled something similar about the
same time.

What else was there?...

Steven Buss
Walnut Creek, CA