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Re: Iomega Jazz vs Syquest SyJet

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Chip, if you could only have one source of stock info., IBD would have to be
One of the problems in using it, is realizing how much good info. is in
there, and how it fits together. For example, using "Stocks In The News"
(those little mini-graphs) will tell you the sectors most in favor. The
general market page gives you the comparison of the 3 indexes WITH volume,
and A/D for each. It also gives you sector graphs not available anywhere
else, world markets, industry groups....yada, yada, yada.

The articles are invaluable...stocks like Cisco appeared several times
before they hit $20 in the new america and company news, and investors
corner is well-balanced, not too bearish or bullish.

In fact, the lack of bearishness is one of the most refreshing things about
IBD. If you read WSJ or Barrons, you always come away with more useless
worries than you started with.

Sheesh, I sound like an IBD salesman, don't I? Well, you asked ! <g>


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Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 8:58 AM
Subject: Re: Usefulness of IBD

>IBD's presentation of the market place is unexcelled. The information in
>their rankings alone is worth the price. I try not to look at a stock that
>is not EPS/RS >80.  RSI has nothing to do with their RS rankings. Those
>compare a stock to say SP-500 in a comparison chart waste their time IMO.
>You need how a stock stands against all stocks. Only in IBD do you get
>But if you are married to a few stocks, and don't care for the big picture,
>let it go.
>Richard Estes
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>From: Chip Anderson <chipamy@xxxxxxxxx>
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>Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 11:20 AM
>Subject: Usefulness of IBD
>>Question for the group:
>>Because I can use MetaStock to compute the RSI for any stock and do
>>explorations, and because the Internet provides me with all of the
>>news I need, is the usefulness of Investor's Business Daily (IBD)
>>dramatically decreased?
>>I am considering not renewing my subscription.  Opinions?
>>Thanks in advance,
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