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Re: Usefulness of IBD

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When I started out I listened, read and watch everything.  Now I have
"tuned" all the input to my personality and trading style.  I have found
almost anything printed is too slow for me.  Did you know magazine
article lead time is 60-120 days?  Do you think a few folks have already
taken the "prime positions" before you get a chance to read about it? 
As you said it's all on the internet.  I will buy printed material when
there is time to read it, i.e. sitting on an airplane, or to "take a

If it fits your trading style, keep it.  If not, save a tree.
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Question for the group:

Because I can use MetaStock to compute the RSI for any stock and do
explorations, and because the Internet provides me with all of the
news I need, is the usefulness of Investor's Business Daily (IBD)
dramatically decreased?

I am considering not renewing my subscription.  Opinions?

Thanks in advance,

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