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thanksgiving day

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Hello Jan,
nothing that fancy.  I am going to try to use MS's built in tools, then IRL.
 If that's not enough, then I'll use a product from FMLabs:

There is a productivity factor here.  As another user mentioned, we're here
to make money.  I would rather spend my time making profits than code.  But,
if necessary I will.

Daniel L. Martinez

In a message dated 97-11-27 07:30:58 EST, you write:
<< May I ask you in what ways it is possible to customize MS? Do you intend
 change dialogs and/or other resources? Also, what is/are the goal/s you have
 in mind? I'd be grateful if you could explain a bit, and I'd possibly be
 interested in participating in any ongoing projects - as I am a programmer,
 think that
 > few if anyone, on this listserv [are] more knowledgeable than I am
 Kind Regards,
 Jan Willem Roberts  >>

> ... depending on how much I can customize MetaStock.