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[amibroker] Re: AREXX script for importing End-of-Day ASCII data?

  • To: amibroker@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [amibroker] Re: AREXX script for importing End-of-Day ASCII data?
  • From: Donald Dalley <ddalley@xxxx>
  • Date: 5 Oct 1998 05:09:37 -0000

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Hello, Terry:

On 04-Oct-98, you wrote:

> If you need Aussie historical data, I have just bought an
> historical CD from QBL in Sydney for $49.95 + $10 P&P. They are at:

> http://www.qbl.com.au

> or if you only need a few stocks then I can send them to you in either
> MetaStock format or AmiBroker format. That goes for anyone else looking
> for Australian historical data - some of the data goes back up to twelve
> years, which is when the Australian Stock Exchange went computerised.

Please remember, Terry, that data publications are usually copyrighted,
even if the data itself is not!

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