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[amibroker] Re: AREXX script for importing End-of-Day ASCII data?

  • To: amibroker@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: [amibroker] Re: AREXX script for importing End-of-Day ASCII data?
  • From: Terry Chadban <terryc@xxxx>
  • Date: 5 Oct 1998 01:09:39 -0000

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Hello Angus,

On 04-Oct-98, you wrote
about [amibroker] Re: AREXX script for importing End-of-Day ASCII data?:

>> with the stock code on a separate line. This is fine for historical
>> but not so good for end-of-day data. Has anyone come up with a script
>> end-of-day data, and is willing to share it with the rest of us
>> non-AREXXers?
> Not really good for historical data of alot of stocks, depending on your
> source :(

Thanks for the backup, Angus - good to hear from a fellow Aussie
AmiBroker too! If you need Aussie historical data, I have just bought an
historical CD from QBL in Sydney for $49.95 + $10 P&P. They are at:


or if you only need a few stocks then I can send them to you in either
MetaStock format or AmiBroker format. That goes for anyone else looking
for Australian historical data - some of the data goes back up to twelve
years, which is when the Australian Stock Exchange went computerised.

>> This will probably be taken care of in future versions of AmiBroker,
>> in
>> the meantime, we need to update our databases each day.
> The best way to go would be an option in Amibroker that lets you define
> format of the data files (i.e the order of each field, including where
> ticker code is located), although a script that does it would probably
be a
> decent work-around for the short-term.

Yep, I couldn't agree more, and I hope that Tomasz is lurking around :-)

Bye for now,
I like work ... I can sit and watch it for hours.

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