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[amibroker] W.D.Gann - SuperTrader or SuperSalesman?

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  • Subject: [amibroker] W.D.Gann - SuperTrader or SuperSalesman?
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1] Gann was a saleman, rather than a supertrader as his disciples like to
make out - he probably DID make over $50 million in his lifetime - simple
arithmetic will explain how - $5000 per person per two-day seminar for
over thirty years - but his ACTUAL trades were relatively small.

2] Gann's theories are based on Astrology and Geometry, which were
inter-connected in the days of the early Astrologers. If you ignore all
his oblique references to the Bible and its prophesies, which Gann bent to
suit his own forecasts, and concentrate on the geometric references, you
will find his works easier to understand. All his many theories, like the
fans, angles, squares, etc are all simple (or not so simple) cycles.

I hope that this helps and doesn't make things any worse :-)

Bye for now,
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-- James P. Hogan

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What You Need to Know About W. D. Gann 
- Norman Winski

Are you one of those people who has tried to read some of the writings of 
W.D. Gann and felt like you might as well be reading Greek? Consolation is 
here. Most beginning students of Gann's works feel thoroughly confused if 
not totally baffled. The situation is somewhat analogous to someone who 
picks up a book written in Greek, having absolutely no knowledge of Greek, 
and tries to understand those writings on the assumption that they are 
reading English. The difference is that Gann's writings utilize the English 
alphabet. Therefore, further wrongly reinforcing the illusion that he is 
communicating to you in normal conversational English. W.D. Gann was 
actually writing in another "language" or jargon, but he usually didn't 
bother to tell most people this.

The language of W.D. Gann is Astrology. Throughout the writings and charts 
of Gann are allusions to the principles of Astrology. For example, in your 
Gann research you may have noticed Gann's use of; the date of incorporation 
for a company, the date of the first day of trading for a stock or futures 
contract, the zodiacal dates surrounding the "square of nine" chart, the 
planetary symbols found on his own handwritten market charts, the planetary 
ephemerides with his personal notes written inside found among his books, 
the use of angles basic to astrology, and the collaboration with other 
astrologers. I said "other astrologers" because first and foremost W.D. 
Gann was an astrologer. Everything else is supplementary.

Astrology is the correlation of extra-terrestrial phenomena with 
terrestrial phenomena. It is a specialized branch of cycles. Gann liked to 
refer to it as "the law of nature" or "natural law." The bottom line is 
that Gann said that timing was the most important factor and he based most 
of his market timing on astrological factors or principles.

Several years ago, I had the good fortune to talk on the telephone, on 
several occasions, with a former associate of W.D. Gann's. Due to a promise 
to keep his identity a secret, I cannot tell you his name. But, he lived in 
Pittsburgh, PA, and his initials are R.C. R.C.'s father was a very good 
astrologer and had worked with Gann. When R.C. was a young man, he followed
in his father's footsteps and starting working with Gann. He worked with 
Gann on a full-time basis as a partner and collaborating astrologer for 
about 10 years, from the late 1930's to the late 1940's.

During our conversations, R.C. told me that "first and foremost Gann was 
astrological." He also said that during the period he worked with Gann, 
Gann made most of his money by selling market letters and $5,000 courses.
In 1948, when Gann accurately forecast the top of the Soybean market, 
almost to the penny and the minute, Gann sold one soybean futures contract 
short and rode it down one dollar for a gain of $5,000.

This is certainly a tribute to "Gann the man" but it does punch a hole in 
Gann the fifty million dollar super genius trader. Of course, no trader is 
better than the system he uses. Was Gann a genius? Perhaps, but knowing 
that will neither help you trade or help you learn the systems and
perspectives Gann utilized. Were the systems Gann used ingenious? On that 
there is no doubt the answer is a resounding yes. Gann was successful 
because he had the benefit of thousands of years of ancient principles on 
his side, of which he was a relentless student. 

Just in case you are still skeptical about W.D. Gann using astrology, I 
have included a chart of May Soybean futures used by Gann. A copy of this 
same chart also appears on page 202 of P.C. Kaufman's 1978 book, Commodity 
Trading Systems and Methods. I mention this so that you can see for 
yourself that I did not in any way alter this chart. Now, please refer to 
this chart. In the upper left-hand corner you will find "May Soybeans."
Follow the vertical line, down which goes through the "y" in May, three 
horizontal lines. There you should find a strange looking four, followed by 
a 30 and an arrow like glyph. The strange looking four is the astrological
/astronomical symbol glyph for the planet Jupiter. The 30 represents thirty 
degrees. The arrow-like glyph is the symbol for the sign of Sagittarius 
(240║). Gann was indicating that with Jupiter at 30║ of Sagittarius, 240║ 
plus 30║ = 270║, there should be important support/resistance at a price of 
270. There is another Jupiter glyph on the left side of the chart near the 
price of 264 on the price scale, with a dotted jagged line extending up and 
to the right. The dotted line plots the movement of Jupiter. Directly to 
the right of this last Jupiter glyph, below the "a" in "Soybeans," you will 
find a small circle with an arrow on top, the symbol for the planet Mars. 
This is followed by "22", and the arrow-like glyph for Sagittarius. Gann 
drew a line to the right pointing to another dotted jagged line. This line 
represents the movement of Mars. Now, follow this line up and to the right. 
Notice that it intersects with the Jupiter line. This represents Mars
conjunct Jupiter or in the same place by longitude. This is an important 
astrological event which coincided closely with the retest high of the 

The time has come for you to decide for yourself whether to learn the true 
ancient principles that Gann studied or to remain in a confused cloud of 
delusion. There are no easy answers. W.D. Gann took 10 years of his life to 
study at the world's greatest repositories of ancient knowledge and 
continued to study the rest of his life. For those so inclined, there is no 
greater awe inspiring adventure than to pursue the study of the universal 
laws of nature. 

I have studied for 19-years and have had the good fortune to have acquired 
libraries that were accumulated over several lifetimes. You can benefit 
from my good fortune, hard work and experience. Norman Winski & Associates 
offers you the leading technology in Gann and astrological 
investment/trading total support. I look forward to being of assistance to 
you at 941-261-7261. 

copyrightę 1989 Norman Winski (and jointly copyrighted by Commodity Traders 
Club News by virtue of its publication herein).