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[amibroker] AREXX script for importing End-of-Day ASCII data?

  • To: AmiBroker Mailing List <amibroker@xxxx>
  • Subject: [amibroker] AREXX script for importing End-of-Day ASCII data?
  • From: Terry Chadban <terryc@xxxx>
  • Date: 4 Oct 1998 02:04:53 -0000

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering whether anyone has written a generic AREXX script for 
ASCII import of end-of-day data. I am not an AREXX programmer, but it 
seems to me that it should not be too hard to write a script to import 
data of a format like:


or something similar - this seems to be the most popular format that I
have come across, but other countries may use a slightly different one.
AmiBroker already has most of the AREXX commands available, but the only
format that I have been able to import so far has been

$Name CODE

with the stock code on a separate line. This is fine for historical data,
but not so good for end-of-day data. Has anyone come up with a script for
end-of-day data, and is willing to share it with the rest of us
This will probably be taken care of in future versions of AmiBroker, but
the meantime, we need to update our databases each day.

Bye for now,
Experience is directly proportional to the value of equipment destroyed.
-- Carolyn Scheppner

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