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[amibroker] The World of AmiBroker Support - August update

  • To: AmiBroker Mail list <amibroker@xxxx>
  • Subject: [amibroker] The World of AmiBroker Support - August update
  • From: Donald Dalley <ddalley@xxxx>
  • Date: 31 Jul 1998 23:24:19 -0000

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The World of AmiBroker Support

August '98 Monthly Update

New Importer News!

A new Italian MegaQuote importer is now working. Currently, it will
bring in multiple files of EOD stock data, and importation of index data
will soon follow. Data is supplied by a paid subscription service, and
has follow-up corrections the next business day, making this data very



The DalleySuite is a collection of mainly data importers for AmiBroker.
These are very easy-to-use programs. You collect the data, import it,
Save the changes, and you are done! No manual editing or data entry,
ever! Data entry can also be delayed for your convenience.

The programs have matured over the last year or so, so they are very
robust. They are getting smarter as I learn, too. Data sources have been
narrowed down to reliable quote servers, with quality data. Free Internet
sources are used, when possible.

Please test the *free demo* before it gets uploaded to the Aminet. Some
features are being improved for the main demo programs. Notice of the
release date will be made here and my page, after the docs are updated.

Free Demo: http://webhome.idirect.com/~ddalley
Comments: ddalley@xxxx

If you have questions about AmiBroker, I will answer you the best I can,
but we can all learn from each other on this mail list, too.


Donald Dalley


The whole DalleySuite family includes:

- Canadian histories start August/97
- supports Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal exchanges
BONUS: also supports long American histories
- Vancouver history files go back > 1 year

- imports all EOD stock & index changes (a config system is coming)
- calculates Advanced/Declined ratio & A/D volumes
- supports all 5 Canadian exchanges
- can build all missing histories from the history quote server

- intra-day & EOD, 20 quote/portfolio

- various ways of importing single intra-day or EOD quotes,
includes stock & index data
- includes US/Canadian InstaQuotes
- also supports the Canadian Dealing Network stocks

- US histories over 22 years are possible
BONUS: also supports most Canadian stocks
- secondary ASCII histories available (max = 1 yr)

- EOD only, 80 quote/portfolio - a real time-saver!
(Complete US exchanges may have too much data for most Amigas
- use portfolios, for now.)

- various ways of importing single intra-day or EOD quotes
- includes US/Canadian InstaQuotes

- imports all intra-day & EOD stock changes & 2 index closes
(a config system is coming)
- reports supplied Advanced/Declined information & calculates
A/D volumes

- short ASCII files (unknown total length)

- imports all (or only some) EOD changes (config system works)
- imports all stock & all AU index data now
- a second AU index source includes OPEN prices (coming RSN)
This importer does a lot of error checking to ensure you get the
volume of the data you want or need.

- imports all EOD changes (a config system is coming)
- imports stock data only now, indices are coming RSN
- needs paid subscription data, includes corrections

- StockMaster format export (everyone needs this!)
- MetaStock ASCII format export (for external data transfers)
- various other scripts (see web page or demo for some)

- co-ordinate applicable features from suite to suite
- AWeb InstaQuote versions (other browsers may not be appropriate yet)
- a high quality American fundamental info site has been found
- an import script will follow

- ready to take requests for other exchanges, as I already have done for
Australia and Italy
- Japanese Candlestick pattern queries - this will be real fun!
- collect your winning AmiBroker analysis language formulas
What is your favourite formula?



DALLEYSUITE = a set of support programs to import stock data, per country
This could involve a number of different data formats, depending upon
just what is available, or usable: complete/partial exchanges, portfolios,
intra-day + InstaQuotes and/or EOD quotes, histories, etc.

QUOTE = stock price info, mainly: symbol, open, high, low, close & volume

EOD = End-Of-Day, after market hours; intra-day = during market hours

MEGAQUOTE = a script which imports a complete/partial exchange's EOD dataset
MegaQuote scripts build your own histories for all stocks, if none are
available on the net. Most will do extra calculations.

INSTAQUOTE = imports a single quote instantly from a terminal's screentext

PORTFOLIO = a quote which has two or more quotes in it

REPORT PANEL = final window which displays useful info (such as A/D data)

HISTORIES = long sets of EOD data - get these before you ever invest!

CANDLESTICKS = price bars which show more info visually - use them!

MULTIPLE or UNLIMITED = imports all available files of a similar format
example: 8 portfolios or 47 quotes (demo does both at once!)

Copyright  1998 Donald Dalley

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