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[amibroker] Free US data!

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  • Subject: [amibroker] Free US data!
  • From: "Tomasz Janeczko" <tjaneczk@xxxx>
  • Date: 29 Jul 1998 15:57:46 -0000

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Hi, Everyone!

Mr. Terry Chadban has just informed me about excellent FREE!!! data
sources for US markets.
I have checked them and they work perfectly. The historical data come in a
plain ASCII form,
and all you have to do is to add two lines at the beginning (in this example
ticker is AAPL, you should
change it to import other stock data):


;.... and here follow downloaded data
7/28/98 33.625 34.625 33.000 34.063 2012300
7/27/98 34.438 34.875 33.250 34.250 1912800
7/24/98 34.688 35.500 33.813 35.375 2422200
7/23/98 35.000 35.625 34.250 34.938 2506500
7/22/98 35.000 35.625 34.250 34.938 2506500
7/21/98 35.625 37.000 35.563 36.125 2942000
7/20/98 36.250 36.625 35.500 36.563 3427600

Here comes the part of the original message from Terry Chadban:

"I have just come across a couple of web sites which might come in handy
for both your clients - one is a site with free real-time stock quotes for
the USA, and the other is a site with free historical stock data.

They are:


which has a free real-time quote engine, with charts and a portfolio
manager available, as well as 8000 stock reports, and


which has a search engine for downloading historical quotes. The downsides
for this site are that you can only download a maximum of 200 stocks per
day before they kick you off the system (shouldn't be a problem), you can
only download one year's data at a time (again, shouldn't be too much of a
problem), and the data is displayed in reverse date order (ie the latest
date is shown first) but that shouldn't worry AmiBroker that much."

Best regards,
Tomasz Janeczko

PS. Big thanks to Terry Chadban for this information!

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