Instructions for joining the Omega/TradeStation list.

Subscription requests
All subscription or unsubscription requests should be mailed either to:
or to:
depending on whether you want to subscribe or unsubscribe to/from
the real-time list or the digest version of the list. The content
of both lists is the same, but the digest is sent roughly once a day.
In your mail's Subject: line, say either subscribe or unsubscribe.
Please note, you will receive a note saying you were not removed from
the list if you are subscribed to the digest and try to unsubscribe
from the list.
You will be asked to confirm your intention to subscribe, to prevent
your being maliciously subscribed to unwanted lists.
You will be removed from the list or digest immediately upon receipt
of an unsubscribe request. You will receive a notice saying you have
been unsubscribed; no further action is necessary.

Changing Your Address or Status
To change your subscription to or from the digest, simply send a note
to omega-list-request, with Subject: "change to digest"
(or from digest, as appropriate).
To change your address, send a note to the -request address with
Subject: address change. In the body of your note, give both your
old address and the new one, and whether you want the digest or not.

Automatic Removal for Rejected Mail
The list server will automatically unsubscribe anyone whose mail
cannot be delivered. You will be sent a notice explaining that you
were unsubscribed, but of course, if your account is not functioning
to receive email you may not receive the notice.
Many list subscribers cannot receive mail with 8-bit characters.
If your signature or other parts of your message has any of
these characters, these subscribers will not receive your articles.

Reading the Digest
The digest form of the list uses the MIME multipart/digest content-type,
specified in the internet RFCs. Some mailers do not understand this
mail format, and will truncate the digest unexpectedly, or will handle
it badly in some other, unexpected way. The one MS Windows mailer
known to be fully MIME compliant is Pegasus. From the Pegasus FAQ:
"The current version is 2.55. It is available from the following
official distribution points: (for North American users) (for European users) (for North American users) (for South Pacific users)
The file to download is winpm255.exe (a 16-bit version for any
version of Windows), or w32-255.exe (a 32-bit version, only for use
on Windows 95 or NT)."

Commercial Messages
Please do not use this list to sell your phenomenal trading system.
If you have a product that helps solve a specific problem posed by a
list member, you may mention it in that context, but you must be
brief and specific. If in doubt, send your potential post to the
list's maintainer,, to see if it's appropriate.

HTML email format
Newer Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Outlook (part of Office 97),
AOL 6, and other mail programs sometimes send the mail message twice:
first as plain text, and additionally as HTML, thus more than
doubling the size of your mail, and including a large block of
nonsense for anyone not using an identical mail reader.
The Omega list does not accept email with these HTML attachments;
they will be returned, with a note reminding you of this policy.

Attachments and Size Limits
Please do NOT post large attachments, like ELA, GIF or EXE files,
to the list. Instead, mention that you can send such files to
list members who request them from you. Posting such large items
puts excessive burden on Eskimo's email resources.
Text files larger than about fifteen-thousand characters will be
caught by the server and diverted to the list maintainer.
Occasionally, a long article has proved interesting enough to
post, despite this size limit, but this is rare.

FTP Site and Digest Archive
The most recent fifteen digests are available, as a single mail
folder, via ftp from:
in the file: digests. A list of the digest numbers in the digests
file is in the file: dindex.
Sometimes other items may be posted there temporarily.

This list is for the discussion of issues important to professional
traders, people who earn their living trading in the financial
markets. It was started as a forum for the ad hoc support of users,
by users, of Omega Research Corporation's Tradestation software.
Later, users of Supercharts and System Writer joined the fray.
Please note, though, that Omega Research has no official connection
with the list, and neither approves nor sponsors the content.
Occasionally a member of the Omega team may listen in, and perhaps
contribute, but not in any official capacity.
Although the list was started with an Omega support function in mind,
list members frequently discuss other, non-Omega related trading
topics. Any subject is welcome, as long as it is pertains directly to
serious trading.
Please respect the time and intelligence of the list's readers --
people who may know more than many of us, and who don't have time for
political discussions or personal attacks. The quality of answers we
all receive to our questions depends on our not driving away these
knowledgable readers with noise.
Please be careful quoting messages in your replies. Many mailers
automatically quote mail with a line like " wrote:" which is
obviously not correct when your reply is directed to the list as a
whole. Try to quote just enough of the original message to establish
a context, remembering that your reader may not have seen the message
you're replying to yet. But please don't include more of a quoted
article than necessary.
If you change the subject under discussion in your reply, please
change the Subject line of your article, so that those who are
interested in the material will know what your article is about.
Digest subscribers: be sure to edit the Subject line of your reply,
so that you don't post a subject like "Re: Digest V97 #100," which
will be ignored by most readers. Copy the subject line from the
individual article you're responding to.
Special notes for AOL users:
If you are using AOL 6, you will have to take extraordinary measures
to send an article to the list. AOL 6 insists on sending its mail
in "multipart/alternative" MIME format, meaning that it sends as
text+html, and since the server rejects all html mail, you will get
your article back with a note about the html problem.
Some AOL subscribers have found that they can circumvent this problem
by opening a browser window and sending their mail from there. Here
are two reports that may help:
"To send Text Email through AOL 6.0. In previous versions of AOL,
email was sent in text form. In 6.0 it apparently is sent in HTML.
Therefore what you have to do is open AOL the normal way, then open
the IE Browser. This will automatically take you to the AOL Anywhere
Home Page. Select the MAIL tab, and that will bring up the sign in
screen. When you sign in, you will be directed to the AOL MAIL page.
On the extreme right hand side is the "WRITE" tab. Compose your
message here and send it in. I hope this helps. Thank you. Michelle"
"If you log on to using a regular browser IE or Netscape, you
can log into your AOL account and check your e-mail and send new
e-mail... without HTML formatting. Hope this helps, Mark Benjamin"
The AOL system is known to have problems handling MIME multipart
digests, like the ones this list sends if you subscribe to the digest
version of the list. You will probably be happier with the
non-digest version, and if you ask AOL to please make it a priority
to fix their software to become MIME compliant, perhaps someday they
Special note for Microsoft Exchange users:
You will want to be sure to turn OFF the "Rich-Text
Format" for all messages sent to this list, as they
add a large encoded-binary attachment that no one
but other MS Exchange users will appreciate. Here's
how, in case you don't know:
On the Properties for "" in your
address book, CLEAR the Checkbox labeled:
"Always send to this recipient in
Microsoft Exchange rich-text format"
Unfortunately, MS Exchange is not reliable when replying
to messages, so for replies, you must pull up the
Properties configuration FOR EVERY SINGLE REPLY, and
uncheck the RTF box.
Special note for Worldnet.att users:
Be sure to configure your mailer so that your return
address does not contain the "postoffice" subdomain
when you post articles to the list. Otherwise the
server will not recognize your address and your
article will be rejected as not being from a subscriber.
Special note for Pegasus for Windows Users:
Be sure to turn OFF the confirmation receipt that
Pegasus generates by default to all mail messages.
You will want to be very sure that these receipts
don't get sent to all the list subscribers every
time you read your mail from the omega-list.
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