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GSV Indicator

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I'm trying to plot an indicator for Larry Williams "Greatest Swing Value" 
(GSV).  In the system I'm using, I need to add this value to todays opening 
and would like to have the value before going into the opening.  The 
indicator is based on the TS code; (( (high[3] - open[3]) + (high[2] - 
        + (high[1] - open[1]) + (high - open)) / 4) * 1.60 .........          

the opposite code for a sell value would be: 
    (( (Open[3] - Low[3]) + (Open[2] - Low[2])
        + (Open[1] - Low[1]) + (Open - Low)) / 4) * 1.80   Stop;

It seems that I need a buy & sell line in the indicator.   Any help would be