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RE: recent laptop "research"

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I have been doing pretty extensive research on my own on this as I am in
market for one again.  Had a HP Pavilion which needed repairs under warranty
and on the way back to me was lost in the mail...  Fortunately it was
insured.  I got my money back and am looking around once again.

In my opinion there are no questions that at this time, in terms of bang for
the buck, HP is hard to beat.  I am eyeing the new Pavilion ZT1100 series,
but Omnibook xe3 series is neither out of question.  Dell Inspiron 4100
follows closely, but you will pay more for the same set of features.
Warranty wise you'll need to buy extra warranty for 2 years from HP to match
Dell's 3-year warranty, but even then I think HP comes out ahead in terms of
bang for the buck (I have heard that these days, HP is selling stuff for
less than the cost to produce).  Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, Gateway, etc. follow
these two brands.  Of course, my decision in favor of HP is partly biased
due to the fact that I still have stuff from the computer that was lost
(battery, power adapter, memory upgrades), and can use these as extras if I
get another computer that will take them.  Anyway, I was happy with my HP
Pavilion while I had it, and am getting the same again.


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Recently the merits of different laptop models and configs were discussed on
the list. Did anyone actually buy a laptop? Are they happy with their
decision, and would they care to share the details (cost/config/model/etc.)?

Thanks in Advance
Colin West