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Re: Install Ts2Ki via "Application Server Mode" in W2K Server Terminal Services???

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I've used Win2000's Terminal Services a bit, but not extensively yet.

I haven't experimented with TS2000 (or any other Omega Research product) in 
this setting.

What is your goal?

Basically, you would be asking the Windows 2000 Server machine to host 
TS2000 and allow other others to log in across the LAN to run it.  When a 
user logs in across the LAN to run TS2000, the app is actually running on 
the Win2000 Server.  Only the screen and input (mouse/keyboard) info is 
sent back and forth between the server and the client.

My guess is that you will likely have little trouble if you only have 1 
user running the TS2000 app at once.  This scenario would be a good 
performance test to see how much of a hit you will take by transferring all 
the screen graphics over your LAN (or dialup connection if you hope go to 
that route; ie you want to run TS2000i on home machine, but control from 
your day job).

Once you start having multiple users running the same app at the same time, 
then you potentially start having trouble.  ...ie performance takes a big 
hit and the app (TS2000) may get confused running two instances on the same 
box (Win2000 Server).

...and there are probably licensing issues with this.

btw, don't quote me on this, but I have a hunch that the only difference 
between "Application Server Mode" and "Remote Administration" mode is the 
number of concurrent users logging into the Win2000 Server (not the type of 
apps you run).  ie every Win2000 Server install supports 2 concurrent users 
right out of the box.  If you want to run more than 2 users, you have to go 
with "Application Server Mode" in which case you have to run a Terminal 
Servers License Server on your LAN.  In order to turn that on, you have to 
"activate" with with Microsoft.  ...so I believe it is just them trying to 
keep track of licensing.

At 03:59 PM 1/14/2002 -0500, Michael Holder wrote:
>Has anyone done this? Can it be done? Is it desireable? I am referring to
>installing Omega TS 2000i on a Windows 2000 Server in the so-called
>"Application Server Mode" versus the "Remote Administration" mode.
>The 'Application Server Mode' requires that the installed application ( i.e.
>Global Server and TS32 .exe etc) would be able to be installed under a
>"Multi User Environment". Help sections in Terminal Services manuals mention
>the use of "compatibility scripts" for applications.
>Suggestions welcome.
>Mike Holder