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RE: using the snap mode on 2000i drawing tools

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Right click on the lines or texts and you'll be able to choose snap or

Jeff Harteam

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From: Todd Hoff [mailto:gatrboots@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 12:28 AM
To: Omega forum posting
Subject: using the snap mode on 2000i drawing tools

Can anyone tell me if their is an easy way to
alternate between the snap mode and regular mode when
using the drawing tools on 2000i. When I use the "abc"
tool to put notes on the chart I like to have it in
regular mode, but then I have to have it in "snap
mode" when I use the "support / resistance" tools. I
am always switching between the two modes and the only
way I can do it is to click on the "drawing" tab on
the top menu and then scroll down to click on the
"snap mode". Is there any other easy way to do this,
maybe by like pressing a cntrl + key or something?
Thanks for your help.