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Re: UPDATE on DTN Fix - your gonna luv this

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I received the message below from Omega Tech Suppt this morning along with
the file. There is no mention of changing registry entries, sounds like we
simply copy the new file over the old file. This is very confusing, first
Omega places the file on their ftp site, then they pull it. They tell me to
simply replace the existing file, they tell you to change the registry. I
called DTN Tech support and they say they don't know TS2Ki products and all
info about any registry changes must come from Omega. I sent another email
to Omega asking about registry changes, but I can't expect a reply until
Monday. Why does Omega always wait until the last minute to sort things
out, leaving us hanging on yet another weekend?

>>Attached is a .zip file that contains the DTN patch. You will need to unzip
>>this file using a program such as WinZip (http://www.winzip.com). Once you
>>have unzipped the file, save the extracted file (or_dtn32.dll) to C:\Program
>>Files\Omega Research\Program, replacing the version of the file that is
>>already there. Once you have done this, you can restart the GlobalServer and
>>TradeStation 2000i.
>>Greg Szeto
>>Support Services Department
>>TradeStation Technologies, Inc.


>>>>Check out the ". . . change Base to Decimal and change
>>>>the Value data to 500."  What the heck does this do ?