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Need lesson on trading futures

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Hello omega-list,

Can signals based on NDX, be used to trade the Nasdaq futures?
Would that be ND?

I currently trade QQQ using the NDX signals.  Excluding, the cost
issues,  would I achieve the equivelant result trading the ND
(future contract)?

I continue to hestitate on opening a futures account, simply because I
have not backed tested directly against the proper futures data.  The
reason, is that I have not figured out what data to use?!  But if the NDX
backtesting can be used and is generates equivelant results, well, then
I don't have to test directly on any futures data.  But I afraid that
the volatility of the actural futures contract may eat my lunch. And
possibly render my system useless.

Best regards,
 Ernie                          mailto:ebonugli@xxxxxxxx