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Re: Technifilter 8.1

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    I am a new user of MetaStock and have recently subscribed to the
MetaStock Mailing-list and found a question on 'Ichimoku' chart. 

I Introduction
    Ichimoku Chart
    A popular chart in Japan used usually with the candlechart.
  1 Terminology
    Ichimoku means 'one shot view'(iti=one, moku=eye), kinko=balance(balance
    of selling power and buying power);  Ichimoku Kinko-hyo may imply
    the chart by one view the balance of market power. 
  2 Author
    Mr. Goichi Hosoda(pen name "Ichimoku-Sanjin"), first published in 1969
  3 How to draw?
 Lines :Original color by Ichimoku sanjin (and color you see in the
chart Yen-Dollar chart http://plaza4.mbn.or.jp/~skoike/top_eng.htm)
    (1)  Base line  --Red(brown)
    Plots everyday the mid of the highest price,  and the lowest price
   of previous 26(including today:similar in the following) market days.
    (2)  Reverse line  --Black(Cyan or purple)
    Plots everyday the mid of the highest price,  and the lowest price
   of precious 9 market days.
    (3)  Zone(Span) --Green(Green)
    Upper-line for a up-trend; resist line
       Get the means of the base point(1) and the reverse point(2)
    and place at the 26 days ahead of the time axis.
    Bottom-line for a up-trend; support line
       Get the means of the base point(but using 52 days)  and the 
    reverse point (but using 52 days), and place at the 52 days 
    ahead of the time axis.
    (4)  Delayed span Black-break-line(Olive)
        Plots today's close price at 26 days at the delayed spot of the
    time axis
II Other comments
    (1)It is reported that the International Technical Analyst
    Association had presentations on ichimoku-chart in the past.  I
    think it is not so difficult to find informations in English
    somewhere. 'Ichimoku' is a quasi standard chart in Japan and many documentat    ions are published in Japanese.
    (2) I wondered if I can formulate "Custom Indicator" but I am not
    sure if MetaStock permits to plot for future days(at least 26 days
    (3) Ichimoku Sanjin published many documents and with the chart,
    he developed his own theories on :
       (a)  Wave( cycle)
       (b)  Forcasting price
       (c)  Determining terning points

Jiro Kato (paruparo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)