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Re: Tech support #

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I've had a "power failure" with my ISP and must have missed you're quiry,
if there is any news about the Users newsgroup can you please
let me/the List know? I do think the List is better though, more direct.
Thanks v.m.

Ps. enclosed find the Excel "DailyUpdate"-template I use at the moment,
I "linked" the template to the desktop, 2x left-click the "link" starts a
'New' Excel-file, then select the 1st cell at the top of the data
column, "12//97", in the 'formula-window' above it type the exact
day(01 or 11 or 31) between the middle slashes, then 'copy' the
"full date" a few times(incl. "multy"-copying as you go down
the file's date-colom) and then "save as" 'space separated text
file'(xxx.prn), then check in Notepad the file for empty lines at
the bottom, e.g. put the blinker behind the lowest "0"(most to
your right at the file-bottom), press 'Del' to delete ALL the
invissible empty lines and run it through the downloader.

To "change" the template: 1x right click the link, instead of 'New' choose
'Open', make your adjustments, the columns require a minimal
width/length-setup, and 'save' or 'save as' the template. This you
only have to do once a month. Adjust the link's name/address if
necessary. (Don't forget to make a spare-copy of the template
somewhere else).
By the way, FIBBS Fin DataBank offers a fully automatic-update
service on the AEX, for the lowest price around.
How are you progressing with your "filename=date macro"?
Does one have to learn a/another new lango(VisualBasic) ?
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Van: Jan Diederik <jddehaas@xxxxxxx>
Aan: Metastock <metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Datum: zaterdag 27 december 1997 21:18
Onderwerp: Re: Tech support #

>The email address eqsupport@xxxxxxxxx is the old one. The new one is
>support@xxxxxxxxx . I myself was corrected some time ago by someone from
>Equis. This happened when I asked other MS users to send an email to Equis
>and ask for them to set up a newsgroup. Really cool ;-)
>Best for the new year,
>    Jan Diederik
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>From: A.J. Maas <anthmaas@xxxxxx>
>To: pejman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <pejman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Cc: metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Thursday, December 25, 1997 11:40
>Subject: Re: Tech support #
>>Hello Pejman,
>>To contact Equis Support:
>>email: eqsupport@xxxxxxxxx
>>by fax: 801-265-2114 (US)
>>by phone: 801-265-9998 (US)
>>by mail: see page 6(Metastock60manual)
>>reg, Ton
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>>Van: Pejman Hamidi <pejman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Aan: ms <metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Datum: dinsdag 23 december 1997 18:28
>>Onderwerp: Tech support #
>>>Can someone please give me the phone # for MS tech support?
>>>Thank you.

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