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Re: Cycle formulas

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Equis says:
The following list shows many of the new features added to version 6.5.
Click on the underlined word to display the help page associated with the
new feature.

∑ Enhanced multimedia support for the Expert Advisor.  Commentary and alerts
now support OLE links and AVI video files.
∑ Enhanced MetaStock Formula Language functionality including support for
variables, multiple plots, and user input.
∑ New pre-packaged experts from Bill Williams, Don Fishback, Cynthia Kase,
Cold Springs Scientific, Gil Raff, and Rex Takasugi.
∑ Video clips are included with Bill William's, Don Fishback's,  Martin
Pring's, and Gil Raff's experts.

∑ New pre-packaged explorations based on the experts written by Bill
Williams, Don Fishback, and Gil Raff.  Also, a pre-packaged exploration
based on Bollinger Bands is included.
∑ The following new indicators have been added:  Chaikin Money Flow, Dema,
Market Facilitation Index, MESA Sine Wave, Option Expiration, Polarized
Fractal Efficiency, Price Channel, Random Walk Index, Range Indicator,
Relative Momentum Index, Relative Strength Comparative Relative Strength
Comparative, Spread, Stochastic Momentum Index, Tema, and Wilder's

∑ The following new line studies have been added:  ODDS Probability Cones,
Standard Deviation Channel, Standard Error Channel, and Triangle.
∑ Expert Commentary is now based on the "clicked-on" price barórather than
just the last price bar.
∑ Formula Organizer wizard allows for easy importing and exporting of custom
indicators, system tests, explorations, and experts.
∑ Enhanced support for the <DATE> and <PERIODICITY> constants in the expert

∑ New MetaStock Formula Language functions including functions for the newly
added indicators, plus input() and lastval().
∑ Direct chart specific internet links to company news and stock option
∑ New Equis on the Web help menu option provides direct internet links to
Equis International's web site, including a link to a web-based version of
the book Technical Analysis from A to Z by Steve Achelis.
∑ Color/style and Horizontal Lines pages are now available from the
Properties page at the time an indicator is plotted.

∑ Toolbar button for displaying crosshairs.  Crosshairs can be turned off by
pressing the ESC key.
∑ Mouse pointer disappears when crosshairs are displayed.
∑ Price style can be changed directly from the Style toolbar at the bottom
of the screen.
∑ Security names or symbols can be typed in the Security box of the Open
dialog.  The list will filter to reflect the typed text.
∑ Improved symbol palette with zodiac symbols and diagonal arrows.

∑ Date range of chart's data can be displayed on the chart title bar.
∑ A Description box is available for templates.
∑ An option for displaying a box around text.
∑ Stop sign added to the Reporting page of System Test Options dialog for
stop and close conditions.
∑ Print selected range in Explorer reports.
∑ Fml() function gives preference to custom indicators referenced by exact

∑ Right-click shortcut menus in Expert Advisor.

I think the increased formula/expert building power plus some good new
indicator make it worth it. When I am faced with the cost of an upgrade or a
TA book, I ask myself on a 1000 share lot will this help me make an 1/8 to
1/2 point more. I usually buy it.

Richard Estes
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From: Jan Diederik <jddehaas@xxxxxxx>
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Date: Saturday, December 27, 1997 3:15 PM
Subject: Re: Cycle formulas

>Can you tell me what the differences are between 6.0 and 6.5? It must be
>worth the extra approx $150 (Netherlands).
>Best for the new year,
>    Jan Diederik
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>Subject: Re: Cycle formulas
>>Simple answer is NO. There has to be a cycle present. MSWIN 6.5, everyone
>>should upgrade to it, has :