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Re: Cycle formulas

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Simple answer is NO. There has to be a cycle present. MSWIN 6.5, everyone
should upgrade to it, has :

The MESA Sinewave indicator was developed by recognized cycle specialist
John Ehlers.  The MESA Sinewave indicator looks like a sinewave when the
market is in a cycle mode and tends to wander when the market is in a trend
mode.  The MESA Sinewave indicator anticipates cycle mode turning points
rather than waiting for confirmation as is done with most oscillators.  The
MESA Sinewave indicator has the additional advantage that trend mode whipsaw
signals are minimized.
The Sine Wave indicator was introduced in the November 1996 issue of
Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.

Richard Estes
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>I was wondering how I would plot a cycle wave that bottoms and tops out
>every X number of days using CUSTOM formulas.  Help will be very much