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Re: E-mail Alert service ??

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	I would think it might be interesting to have an ability for the
program to run an application (supplied by an user) when an alert goes
out, like playing sound file and/or flashing a screen. Though, it may be
diffucult for an average user to write a batch for ,say, sending e-mail,
so an option to choose from  a list of predetermined actions (sound,
visual, e-mail, pager alerts) may be more desirable. 
For instance, e-mail option may fit those who leave a running PC at home
to follow closely the markets, but at their offices cannot afford
getting involved more than just checking their e-mail.

Just a comment.

				Cheers, Vitaly

Jim Michael wrote:
> Mike,
> Please see my reply to Lars re my MarketAlert! program. Although it is
> designed to send pages to an alpha pager, I would consider adding the
> email functionality as well. Anyone else interested in this