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Re: CSV type files

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.csv can be seen as text files in the excel-colom-format.
by just changing the extension/name of the file from
xxxx.csv in xxxx.asc or xxxx.prn or xxxx.txt
you can open the file with Notepad and adjust the file's content into
the "downloader-asci" required outlay, for the downloader to be able to
convert it to MetaStock format(pag.71+72 DL6.0-manual), meaning:
it has to be in the
"symbol/ticker-per-date-open-high-low-close-volume-o/i" format
-separated by "space" between the colloms
-or sparated with comma between the colloms
with a few as "optional" and a few as "must be's" on the line of data.
another, much smoother way, is to open the .csv file with Excel/Word, make
the required adjustments(see above) and "save as"  a  space separated
text file(don't forget to delete empty lines), wich will give the file the
extension, or from Excel "save as" MSExcel4.0-file, wich will give the file
the .xls extension.
You have to remember this:
-use MSExcel4.0 to "historicaly" update a single MetaStock file
-use the other above mentioned methods for "daily" updating and
"multiple stockfiles" updating
Ton Maas
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Van: Fernand Levesque <techpack@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Aan: metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Datum: zaterdag 20 december 1997 3:52
Onderwerp: CSV type files

>This question must have been ask before.
>Is it possible to convert a CSV format file downloaded from the
>internet to a METASTOCK file. was not succesful so far.
>Thanks  Fernand