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Re: Downloader Question

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Hello Dick,

I too have PCQuote and I have felt that they are actually getting
better. Now that they have the server farm. I however in my infinite
wisdom have chosen the $75/month service. I can do more in Excel than
what I could do with the canned charting program they offer for
As far as the quotes they do get backed up some times. If it gets real
bad I'll check the quotes on Datek. Since Datek is very good when it
comes to the big volume days I have a good free backup. But for the most
part I have felt that they are making improvements in this area as well.

Some areas that can add to this problem is how far off the internet back
bone you are. The others are phone line quality, modem speed, memory and

Not to turn this into a debate about PCQuote. My guess is that since you
are paying for the top service you are expecting better service. While
me paying for the $75/month service I am a little more tolerant. For
$75/month it is probable the best service. And you know (I hope you
know) that it is faster than Signal and a few other ones out in the

Sorry to hear you are having trouble and I hope you get them worked out.


Dick wrote:

> Richard, do you use the paid real-time version of quotes plus, or do
> you
> just use the free version on the web ? I've got PC Quote via the
> internet
> (because the satellite footprint doesn't extend out here, but it's NOT
> real
> time, even though it costs 3-400/month. In fact, I wouldn't recommend
> PC
> Quote internet to my worst enemy, even if I had one !<g>
> On heavy volume days like today, it is suicide to trade the PC Q
> internet
> version data (it literally stopped dead today at the bottom)
> Does anyone have a more robust real-time system that costs something
> south
> of a bloomberg machine ?
> Dick
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> >>Chip Anderson wrote:
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> >>> ... Does anyone else use a data provider that automatically
> updates
> >>> symbols for them? ...
> >>
> >>QPlus.
> >> Cheers, Vitaly
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