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Re: En: '87 crash chart

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If anyone has problems downloading the small 30-100k charts, They need a new
ISP or a new modem, or system. Surfing the net must be like going thru
molasses. Ask Santa  for help. If your present setup makes the small charts
a hassle, you are trying to run with both legs tied and blindfolded. Now I
admit that a 1meg BMP file from MSWIN isn't fun. But you shouldn't be
running a model T in the passing lane.
Richard Estes
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Date: Friday, December 19, 1997 12:35 PM
Subject: Re: En: '87 crash chart

>> I agrree.  What we need is an option to choose to download an attached
>> or chart or not.
>You can do this by limiting the size of the message to be downloaded in
>Netscape.  At least then you can choose to get your important messages
first and
>wait to download any large files later.
>Dave Zawicki