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Re: an old friend i call "ultimate indicater"

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I tried your BUY and SELL suggestions.  I used them as a filter and ran
them on two folders, the first was a mix of 23 sstocks, the second was the
DJIA stocks. 
I set the date back one month and ran these explorations.  I then looked at
the graphs to see if the stocks rose or fell in the following 1 to 4 weeks.

In each case about 1/2 the stocks were selected by the exploration, and
about 1/2 of these did go up in the subsequent period.

I then added another requirement, a price oscillator, be positive to
eliminate downward trending stocks.

In this 2nd version, the number of stocks selected out of the first set was
smaller (1/3 instead of 1/2), and the exploration seemed to work better on
large cap (djia) than on small and medium cap (the first set of stocks).

The additional requirement (price oscillator > zero) was only moderately
helpful and needs to be improved or changed.

Lionel Issen

At 04:23 PM 12/7/97 -0500, michael.arnoldi@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>eventhough this indicator is based on the zig-zag system and works as
>hindesight, it sure keeps me on the right side of a trade (arrows formed
>by experts / symbols on my charts - using different numbers after
>optimizing each stock) Alert(TroughBars(1,L,opt1)=0,0)
>                   Alert(PeakBars(1,H,opt1)=0,0)
>and for explorations:
>these formulas are for exploration purpse only.
>i will try it out in real life with day to day data, to see if the
>results are valid.
>note: my most recent exploration signals are:
>BAY buy 12/3 (hindesight)
>CNC sell 12/2 (hindesight)