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Don't count IOM out yet.  I agree the number of shares outstanding has become
too large for any moves similar to what happened last year.  However, they
have many new products out.  Amoung them:
1.  Large Tape Drives.  Ditto Max and Ditto Max Pro.  These drives are very
versatile and have new features.  For their capacity and features, they are
far cheaper than the competition's.


2.  2.0 GB Jaz SCSI drives.  These new removable media drives have twice the
capacity of previous models.  They are also almost as fast as standard drives.


On the downside, their ZIP drives aren't compatible with 3.5" floppies.  The
new LS-120 drives are and can even replace floppies as a boot drive.  While I
am making a prediction, don't be surprised if the ZIP disappears in 2 years.

Daniel L. Martinez

In a message dated 97-12-11 18:45:54 EST, rajesh@xxxxxxxx writes:
<< IOMEGA : Will soon become a HAS been stock. Doesnt hold much Future.
 Expect SYQT to go UP. Technology is changing the next tech to be
 introduced shortly is that of a Hard disk on the size of a Credit Card.
 You carry the card , No need to carry the computer. Just punch in your
 Card (size hard disk) into computers (available in every Hotel rooms
 etc) and start working.
 Backup for large businesses : Somewhat the same technology and more.
 I have not seen the chart but I see it sliding down ...............Will
 see the chart later to see if I am wrong.....

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