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Re: Interesting Patterns

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Did you find these with a MS exploration? I saw a post once of some one
trying to write an exploration for this type of formation.

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997 23:43:36 EST Greatelto <Greatelto@xxxxxxx> writes:
>For those of you who are pattern watchers, look at SBEI.  Looks to me 
>like a
>classic "saucer" formation.  The stock has pulled back to the breakout
>point....a great buying opportunity for believers.
>Looking at the longer term chart, it shows up as a "cup" 
>formation....still a
>rather bullish pattern.
>In my research I am seeing quite a few small cap stocks pulling back 
>to break
>out points.  Another good example is ADEX....a basing pattern 
>Any comments from the "smoking jackets" out there?