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RE: Exploration File

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I use successfully Excel to "see" my exploration results.
Highlight all the lines in the "results" window using the shift or Ctrl key and using Ctrl+C copy it to the clipboard.

Once in clipboard, paste into an Excel spreadsheet and the columns will come out in the same order as you see in the exploration.

Hope this helps

***** Erika Fluke ****** :-)

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From:	D. Anthony Petkelis [SMTP:dtonyp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:	Monday, December 08, 1997 3:43 PM
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Subject:	Exploration File

On Sunday, December 07, 1997 9:30 PM, paul [SMTP:pwjc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] wrote:
> when you view the explorer report and save it to another windows application 
>such as note pad or eudora, it seems to be copied out of order, not in straight 
>columns, but half a column here and another one over there, so the report 
>makes no sense because its jumbled, is there any way I can fix this.
>         thanks for your previous responses.
>         paul
>         melbourne
>         australia

Denis Trover responded with:

>  When you try to view a table in notepad or other program use a
>non-proportionally spaced font such as Courier to keep columns intact.
>                     Denis Trover

Unfortunately this is an area where Equis did not think through the 
problem fully. There is a definite need for a simple means of saving 
an exploration report in order to use it in another program. 
Under most instances one would use Notepad to view the table 
generated by the Exploration, but to do so one must first be certain that it was 
generated using a generic printer, when selecting "print to file", otherwise it is
gibberish. Even then the final product is not fully satisfactory. The column 
headers do not line up with the data, data does not always line up. By no 
means does it look like the PRINTED version. My dialogue with Equis support 
has led me to the conclusion that since not enough people have complained 
about it, it is good enough.

Although more sophisticated text readers do facilitate a choice of fonts, 
Notepad to my knowledge does not. But that is besides the point. The DOS 
version of Metastock was fully capable of generating a text file from an 
Exploration that any text reader could use, whereas the Windows version 
does not. And as I see it, Equis does not care enough to fix it. To those 
who may be concerned, send a note to Equis regarding this issue. Paul is 
completely correct, the resultant Exploration " report makes no sense 
because its jumbled". This is but one of the reasons I have elected NOT 
to upgrade to 6.5

Tony Petkelis