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Simianer wrote:
> Is anybody using Metastock on Win NT and can tell me his experiences?
> Thanks
>          Thomas
I use with NT 4.0 and service pack #3.  No problems except for one. 
Every once in a while when I open the Data Window MS freaks out and
causes a fatal error.  This causes MS to shut down.  Have the error
written down somewhere.  Will try to find and adv.

There is one other conflict with Netscape and MS.  If I have MS and/or
the Downloader loaded and ICONized and I load Dial-Up and Netscape, at
some point my TeleComm connection is terminated.  Usually when I'm
downloading mail.

I quit using Internet Explorer due to problems with NT and IE.  But hey
their both form MicroSoft, why should they be compatable.